• Why the US Income Tax is unfair and should be abolished, by Dalli

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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The Income Tax in the USA is unfair and needs to be abolished.  (In a timely fashion)

    Here in America we all say that we are all equal as human-beings; if this is so why do we have a Tax that is so unfair and “Dangerous”?

    How is it unfair?

    Let us consider small businesses… I am willing to bet that most business Owners are more afraid of the IRS than any Terrorists!

    Why? Because the IRS is heartless; the IRS have ruined many people’s lives and they could care less whom they destroy…  This is a fact…

    When I was younger many years ago, when I was in the Air conditioning business, I was convinced that the IRS employees went to school to learn how to be rude, heartless and down right nasty. They acted as if my money belonged to them!

    During the Summer season I used to hire 8 to 10 people and after paying their wages and pay the Required Tax, often I was left with nothing and I remember how hard I worked and for what?

    Then I remember the First of April of Each year how scared I was, because I did not have money to pay the due Income Tax in time and later penalized!

    Here is one example that many Inventors would agree and appreciate:

    People that invent things often work hard at their invention/s and many during such a period suffer hardship due to lack of money. When such Inventors are young, the US Government does not help such people and I am fairly certain that some inventions could take years to perfect…

    Yet once an Inventor succeeds and let us say sells his or her invention for Millions of Dollars, the IRS would then be ready like vultures wanting more than a third of the Pie!  (Approximately 35% Tax) Why? where was the Government  when such inventors were starving because they had no money and busy working hard to perfect their very invention?  (Keep in mind that many inventions improve people’s lives).

    Regarding how the Income Tax is Dangerous:

    Starting a new business is difficult enough and the majority fail due to numerous reasons;  one of which is lack of Capital… Hence, many small business owners lose their business partly due to the IRS.

    I would not be surprised if a number of people committed suicide due to the IRS!

    Is there a solution to this disgrace? Yes… there is…

    Let us consider the saying: “We are all equal”

    To me the words “We are all equal”  means that Rich or Poor, we are supposed to be “EQUAL” … if this were true, everyone would pay a proportionate fair amount of Tax and this would be considered just and Fair… however…

    We all know that the Middle Class and the poor pay the majority of Tax!

    Is there a Fair solution to the present Income Tax? YES…

    A Fair Tax imposed by the Government on everything purchased by everyone would not only be fair, it would be wise and much could be solved if this were done correctly.

    Several politicians have suggested a “Fair Tax” and the reason it has not happened is because they did not present a good Plan to all Americans on how this would be handled… You know the old Saying: “Talk is Cheap”.

    The US Government needs Tax Dollars and when they run short they borrow money from other Countries! As you know this is what has happened since after President Bill Clinton left Office. (Of course the War in Iraq did a number on America!)  Did you notice that neither President Obama or Mitt Romney speak of the Big mistake Iraq was… the cost to the American people… I wonder why that is? They are spending Millions of Dollars bashing each other, but no mention of the mistake of Iraq or what they would do to Fix America?

    Getting back to the Fair Tax:

    I am of the opinion that a Fair Tax would be approved by the American people if it were done properly; example, it would be a big mistake to go from the present Income  Tax structure directly to a Fair Tax…  The way the Fair Tax should be explained to the American people is that the Income Tax would remain as is and let us say a 2% Fair Tax would be added on everything purchased by everyone.. Rich, Poor, Foreigners visiting America, the Armed Forces, etc… I repeat every single person would pay the 2% Fair Tax on every item purchased, yes even on Food…

    Let me do a simple Math Example:

    Let us say you purchased Food and you spent $100.00, if the 2% Fair Tax is imposed, your cost would then be $100.00 plus 2% = $102.00 No big deal right…

    If this were done, at the end of one Year the US Government would then know what the 2% Fair Tax brought in, over and above the Income Tax.

    The Second year, the Fair Tax could be increased to 3%, using the same example as the above, if people paid $100.00 for food  they would then pay $103.00 … Still no big deal… What is an extra $3.00… correct?

    At the end of the second year, the US Government would then have a good idea as to how much money the Fair Tax brings in…

    On the Third Year, The US Government could then abolish the “Income Tax” and the IRS and impose a new Fair Tax with a certain percentage that would bring in sufficient Tax Dollars so as to be able to run the US Government properly without having to borrow money from other Countries.

    The above is simply an example and  to play it safe the US Government may want to test the waters for let us say four (4) Years instead of two (2) to be sure that the Fair Tax would bring in enough money to not only Run the US Government properly and create Jobs in the USA, but to also have a surplus, so as to start paying back the Loans to other Governments…

    I truly believe that a Fair Tax would not only be fair and just, if imposed the US would then get back on its feet and all Americans would be happier not having to deal with the IRS and what a pleasure it would be for workers to receive their wages in total!

    I am hoping that this blog reaches President Obama or Mitt Romney, for then they would have something positive to speak about…

    Have you seen and heard their Negative Ads? They are spending Millions of Dollars in negative adds, which is disgusting and their Ads are Childish, silly, disrespectful to the Presidency and disrespectful to all of the American people that voted for President Obama. I cringe when I hear on TV Hillary Clinton saying: “Shame on you Obama”!

    I do not care what people think of President Obama, he is still the President of the United States and although it is a Free Country;  that people could say what they wish, the Office of the Presidency should be respected, if not, I see this as a disrespect to the very American people that Voted for President Obama to become President of the United States.

    I think the Ads from both sides are deplorable and they should be stopped… not just because of the money being wasted but because any person that runs for the Office of the United States should act the part…

    I thank you for reading this blog.  If it makes sense to you, share it with others…  Oops, I forgot a very important thing…  If  you agree with me regarding getting rid of the Income Tax in a timely fashion and imposing a Fair Tax, send to me your “Vote”, but do not send it to me via Email, place your vote on the Comment Page on this Web site; by so doing, other people would see your vote and it might urge them to do the same.

    If enough of you were to Vote, I would then bring it to the attention of the Media…  Please help me do something Good.





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