• What to look for when it comes to Scammers…

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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I receive at least 10 offers a day from scammers; claiming to have Millions of Dollars that they want me to invest for them in Real Estate, etc… But always with a  CATCH… They use the word “Help”, this means they want our money…

    The following is what I do and what I look for:

    As soon as someone offers money to me, I check them out using Google. Most of the time they are listed as Scammers…

    When they say they have Millions to invest, but they ask for “Help”, they are scammers

    When they ask us to act as next of Kin, they are scammers

    When they use the words “Over invoicing, they are scammers

    When they mention God almost every other word, they are scammers

    When they say someone died having the same Surname, etc… they are Scammers

    If they come across too sweet watch out… they are scammers

    If they say as an example that they have let us say 400 Million in Cash in $100 Dollar Bills and they want to send it to you in two Boxes, this is not only illegal it is impossible because $400 Million USD in $100 Dollar Bills would weigh 22.046226 pounds X 400 = 8,818.4904 pounds. (These people think we are stupid)

    If they mention that they are Bankers, they are Scammers,

    If they say they are Doctors, I see this as a Red Flag…

    If they have a Title of  “Rev:”, I see this as a Red Flag

    If they have a Title of “Barr”, I see this as a Red Flag

    If they say I inherited Millions of Dollars, they are Scammers, I have no rich Uncles…

    If they say as an example, “Come to South Africa” and we will transfer Millions of Dollars into your Bank account, they are scammers.

    If you receive notice that you Won Millions of Dollars, 99.999% they are scammers…

    If they tell you that you look great and they did not see your face, they are scammers…

    If anyone offers you a great deal of money for any reason… they are scammers…

    If you are contacted from the “FBI” this is a Red Flag

    If you are contacted from the “United Nations”, this is a Red Flag

    If you are contacted by “Homeland Security”, this is a Red Flag

    One guy claiming to be an Attorney asked me for $270.00 to pay for a clearance affidavit ? (These people are crazy!)

    Do not be impressed by the Documents that they send to us, they make them appear real, but they are 99.999 Bogus

    My last comment to you: “Do not send a Penny to anyone you do not know up front for any reason”

    Bad enough they waste our time, let’s not make them rich in the process…

    Stay well


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