The Flag Of World Peace…

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This Presentation is written for all people including children…  (Teachers should read this Presentation to young children)

The below photo was taken of me holding the handheld the American Flag and the World Peace Flag.

I am proud of having Invented the Flag of  “World Peace”.
This Flag is like no other…

This World Peace Flag does not represent any Country… it is to be looked upon as a “Symbol for World Peace”.
This Flag is meant for all people and needs to be welcomed by all countries because it would give all people a feeling of  Friendship, Hope, Love, Brotherhood, and Peace.

A) The Red pole represents the color of people’s  Blood; hence expressing Equality.
B) The Transparent Flag is about our “Skin” it expresses to all people that we are all equal no matter the Colour of our Skin; (That we are blind when it comes to Skin color) further solidifying that we are truly “ALL EQUAL”.
Here is another Sample Image of the World Peace Flag and what The People of the World Want/Deserve…

The makeup of this Flag is the simplest Flag of all, however, it is the most memorable for there are no Colors or Images to remember and because it is transparent in a sense it is like the Air we breathe. We do not see the Air, however, we cannot live without it.
To Each Country their Flag is most important, however, to the entire World the World Peace Flag should be more important.
The World Peace Flag is to be Manufactured in three different sizes as indicated in the below image.  The sizes are to be established…

The Flag of Peace with the Globe of Hope is ideal for indoors due to the fact that the Globe lights up when connected to electricity.

I am 81 and from my personal experience it is a fact that Life is Short and we really need to act accordingly; we are here together and we should make the best of it by Loving Each Other.  (Not Killing Each Other!)
I consider all Wars as “Cancer”…

I am hoping that my new Symbol “The Flag of World Peace” may be the “Injection” that would make a positive difference by causing people to “THINK”…  We shall see if the new Symbol “The Flag of World Peace” will be embraced by all Countries/by all people?
Only Governments favor Wars! When will people in Government ever Learn the enormous cost of Wars? The cost of Human Lives and the waste of money! “Are they blind to History” or simply Power Hungry and Stupid?

To help with the Peace Movement All Children on Planet Earth should be taught in schools to respect their Country’s Flag and the World Peace Flag and that Hate is Ugly and Love is Beautiful.  Equally important Children need to be taught The Wonder of the Human Body which is the Biggest Wonder of All; as I have written at
Please look at the below image to see what I have added on the Wall of this Classroom. I truly believe that All Classrooms should have the same three (3) images as a constant reminder of what is important in life.
From left to right:
1) The Flag of your Country and the Flag of World Peace
2) The Biggest Wonder of all “The Human Body”
3) Love & Trust Everyone. (I need not explain this one)

A special Note to all Children worldwide:
You are used to seeing Flags with Colours and Images and each Flag means a special something to the Country it represents.
The World Peace Flag is different;
True the Flag of World Peace is transparent, (made of Plastic or any transparent material with nothing on it; with no pretty colors or images) however, you could compare its transparency with the following important similarities:
We cannot see the Air we breathe yet we cannot live without Air.
Water is transparent and we cannot live without drinking water; as a matter of fact, we would not exist without water since our body’s make up consists of over 50% water.
Love is Transparent, we do not see Love, we feel love and we are attracted to Love; without love, we would not live, we would only exist.
Therefore if my World Peace Flag comes to be, when you see one remember that although it will consist of only a Red Pole and a transparent Flag, it is meant to help “HEAL” the World from its present sad condition with:

I truly believe that the majority of people want World Peace, so here is my Challenge to ALL PEOPLE:

No matter where you live if you have a Flag of your Country, simply add the Flag of World Peace next to it.   By having Your Country’s Flag and the World Peace Flag you would be making a Statement that you Honor your Country and the entire World.
I did not Invent the Flag of World Peace thinking it will Stop Wars and/or Killings, I invented this Flag to enlighten all people that Wars are Stupid/Damaging/Hurtful/Counterproductive and that “World Peace” is Productive, Joyful, wise and Loving.
I am expressing to people to choose that which makes sense; Giving people Hope for a Better World.
I am hoping that the Flag of World Peace will become popular for it would serve as a reminder that World Peace is what the world deserves…

I am also hoping that this Web page will be seen Worldwide.
I am now going to prove that we are “All Equal”…
Here is the simple Proof: (Please read and think simply with an Open Mind)
Did anyone on Planet Earth request to be born as a Baby Girl or a Baby Boy?
Did any of us request to be born of a certain Colour?
Did we request to be born in a specific Country?
Do you get my meaning that none of us had a say about our lives?

World Peace makes sense, Wars do not, Wars are STUPID and costly in many different ways.
The Loss of Human Lives due to Wars is in the many Millions!
The Cost of all Wars in Dollars is unknown, however, one could say into the many Trillions of Dollars!
The Real monetary Cost of destruction due to Wars is unknown; why so? Because as an example it is easy to put a Price of a demolished house, however, it is impossible to place the cost of a demolished Museum….
The loss of one human being due to any War is shameful and inhuman.
Besides the fact that every human is a Wonder who are we to decide who should live or die?

I believe that most people believe we are all God’s Children if this is so how can anyone kill his Children?
Here is one example regarding the Stupidity of Wars:
Of the many Millions of People that died in Wars, only God knows how many of them could have been Geniuses that might have invented medicines to cure the many different illnesses we are faced with today…
If any reader has doubts regarding people being geniuses, see:
All Wars are costly and senseless
As I stated above Trillions of Dollars have been spent on Wars; the outcome is death and destruction.

Of Concern, People Pay Taxes to their Government, however, they have no say how their money is spent.
I have observed that Governments spend money on Wars and at the same time neglecting their people. How so?
I live in America, so I will express what I have seen here in America; while huge sums of money are spent on different Wars the US infrastructure has been neglected and is in bad shape; Our Forests are being destroyed due to large Fires and people die yearly due to Floods and mudslides.
With money people could be hired to Fix what has been neglected in America and with money, people could be hired to help prevent Large Forest Fires, Floods and Mudslides that kill people and destroy homes and businesses…

Every Country is Proud of its Flag because of what it means to them.  The Humanitarian Flag   “The Flag Of World Peace” that I invented needs to be placed alongside every Flag in the World due to its Humane message.

We people need to let all Governments know that instead of wasting money on Wars, such money would best be utilized for the good of Humanity and the very planet we live on…

If I had the Trillions of Dollars that have been wasted on Wars, I would develop my Dream Project FUNTASEA/Olympia City at every Country. See:
All People Worldwide want Peace, this is seen at every Olympic Games…
Every four years we see and enjoy the Olympic Games, I enjoy seeing both Winter and Summer Games, however, what moves me the most is to see the Love and Friendship shown by all Olympians. For these reasons, I wish every Country would develop my Concept FUNTASEA/Olympia City for their People and next to their Flag I wish they would include the Humanitarian Flag of World Peace.

There is so much turmoil worldwide we the people need to do positive good things for each other. We need to Stop the Killings and We need to become Friends like Brothers and Sisters.

No Ifs or Buts it is time to demand “World Peace”.
Think of what would happen if another War comes to be by Countries having Nuclear Weapons! “Such Countries could destroy Planet Earth!”

If what I have written makes sense to you, I suggest you send this page to every Government you are able to and to every TV News Channel. Please do this for the sake of Humanity.

I thank you for reading this presentation and I thank you in advance for sharing this Presentation.
Aloysius Dalli

On 8/17/2018 I watched the WE Day Event, see:

On the WE Day show Macey Hensley an 8-year-old, famous for knowing the History of all past US Presidents  was asked a question by Will Ferrell, he asked her the following: “If you became President of the United States what would be the first thing you would do?” Without hesitation, she responded: “I would Stop all Wars”!!! Keep in mind she is only 8 years old. From my point of view, she is wiser than all US politicians combined.


The above image is of me holding the Flag of World Peace going through the “O” of the huge LOVE Display situated between the Palazzo Hotel and the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas…

I just had to include this below image!  It is meant to cause you to think about Peace in a different way…

Comments regarding the Flag of World Peace:

Hemani Nasar: It is not only the Question of Like But it is Right of the whole of Human – Kind.


Below I am showing the Ladies wearing the Pendant and the Men wearing the Pin of World Peace

This is the image of the Pendant and/or Pin measuring approximately 2.25 inches. For a clearer understanding of the Pendant and pin please Click… HERE