Rewarding Deserving School Children

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At the bottom of this page you will see the explanation of my invention, the Flag of World Peace Pendant and a Photo of the School I attended from age 4 to 9 in Alexandria Egypt where I was born.

I was born on May 6th 1937 and I started going to School at age 4.

My memory of Alexandria is wonderful and I am going to tell you of a wonderful memory that I still remember while I attended Saint Vincent de Paul School approximately 74 years ago.

I remember as if it were yesterday; every Friday Teachers used to reward Children with a “Medal”  for good behavior or for doing good Home work, etc.

I remember feeling so proud to be wearing the Medal and looked forward with pride to show my Mother the Medal even though the Medals  were to be returned to the teachers the following Monday.

I remember clearly how I wished for such a reward and so did all the other children…

The fact that I am now 81 and still remember the above mentioned feelings approximately 74 years later such occurrences must have been very important to me.

Because of the above past feeling of pride, I feel that School Children today would appreciate receiving as a Reward for good behavior and/or good Homework, etc., The Flag of World Peace Pendant, (Instead of a Medal) however, the Pendant should be given to the deserving Children for keeps. Such would also be good publicity for World Peace…

Presently the above is just a Concept at this time for I need to figure out how Schools would receive my Pendants and who would pay me for the Pendants.

I am willing to sell my Pendants to Schools for School Children at a Huge Discount, the same discount I am offering Hospitals and Charitable Organizations.

If you the reader know who to contact regarding the above, please let me know.

I am reachable via Email at

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Aloysius Dalli

Please read the below explanation…

I remember the below school so clearly…