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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The purpose of this Presentation is to clarify what I cannot do and what I can do when it comes to Real Estate.

    I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of California, I have been so licensed since 1976.

    What I cannot do:

    Since I am only licensed in the State of California, I cannot solicit Real Estate Sellers in all other States in the USA.

    What I can do: is “Plenty”…

    In the State of California, I can do everything when it comes to Real Estate as well as Businesses for sale. I can List, Sell and Exchange. I specialize in the Sale of Large Parcels of Land and large Income Producing Properties. (No residential)

    When it comes to Real Estate Buyers/Investors:

    I can legally Represent Real Estate Buyers situated in California as well as Foreign Investors.

    As a Representative of Real Estate Buyers, I can work with cooperating Brokers in all other States in the USA, however, due to distance, I prefer to represent Buyers only in California and Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

    A Note to Real Estate Buyers:

    Because of all of the Scammers Worldwide, if you wish to have me as your Representative, you will need to show me proof of your Funds. I do not mean proof of all of the money you have, I mean proof of the money that you wish to invest  in Real Estate here in the USA, preferably California and/or Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

    Also note that I do not work for Free, as a matter of fact if you wish my service you would need to pay me well; not in advance, but when I perform.

    If you wish to have me as your representative, I will require from you a written Agreement/Contract.

    Also note that I do not have an Investment portfolio, hence, I would also require from you a Wish list of what it is you wish to invest your money in?

    Meaning you will need to be specific:

    If you wish to invest in Raw Land, you will need to specify the Zoning… Meaning as an Example suited for Commercial use, i.e. Hotel Development or …? Or If you prefer Raw Land zoned for Residential? Your choice…

    If you wish to Invest in Income Producing Properties, you will need to specify the following:

    Do you want to buy a Hotel, Shopping Center, Office Building, Apartment Complexes, or?

    Also what kind of a Return would you like on your money?

    If you are a Foreigner it is best if you paid all cash for any Property that you wish to Buy in California or in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

    Below, under my Email Address you will find a copy of my Real Estate Broker’s License, a Copy of my Driver’s License as well as a Copy of my Passport.

    I am hoping to hear from real Real Estate Investors.



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