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Love of Animals

Dear Visitor,

Here below are pictures of Beautiful Animals. Do you have an Animal that you love? Send a photo of such and I will place it here on this page.

Here is a Video you will love seeing; show it to your children, however, please explain to them that Animals in the Wild are dangerous towards people therefore if visiting a Zoo as an example, they need to be far away from such Animals and not to try to pet them…

The animals in this Video were treated with love by people beginning when the Animals were Babies, this is why the Animals show so much love towards humans! Enjoy:

Above is Blue-footed Booby Dancing!

Does the above puppy think he is a Monkey or possibly human?

The above Baby Bear loves the Dog, so cute! Click on the image and you will smile…

Click on the above image to see Love!

Click on the above image to see who is on the Dog. They are friends!

The above Baby Cat loves his Cell Phone and no one could take it from him!

Click on the above image and enjoy seeing the unbelievable!

The above is a truly beautiful Animal, click on the photo to see what I mean!

Is the above animal cute or what? I think he is beautiful…

A Giant Shepherd Dog Towers Over Its Owner! I wonder what he eats and the amount of food he eats? This Dog looks gentle, however, I wonder what happens if he sees something exciting; I doubt if his owner could stop this gentle Giant from running!

Watch the above Video about beautiful Animals and what we could learn from them.

The above Dogs are so loving that I wish I could hug them; I believe you will feel the same…

To see a video of the above White Lions click on the Image…

This is a wonderful Web site for all people especially so for Children

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