“Everyone Is Invited To Participate In DALLI’S Movement For World Peace”

If you are For “World Peace” send your photo to me and a comment and if appropriate I will in turn place both here on this page.

I am starting this page with my photo and short comment:

I, Aloysius Dalli am wearing my Invention the Flag of World Peace Pendant. I love all good people and I truly believe that the majority of people favor World Peace.

Please read the above explanation/the make-up of the Flag of World Peace Pendant

You will see below that the Pendant looks good on Skin or on clothing…

My Dear Friend, I love the Flag of World Peace and its message… Who wouldn’t?

Godfather Aloysius, I am surprised that you did not receive many responses, who does not want Peace? Love your invention; so proud of you… Felicia…

Dear Uncle, I promise to wear the Pendant all the time except when Dancing and sleeping. I love its message for the entire world…

Uncle, I wish for World Peace too..

Mr. Dalli, I like what you are doing, I am of course for World Peace and here is proof:

It is me again, I love the Pendant and I think it is going to bring me good luck… Angela Chan

Yes please peace, love you lots and lots…

I am for peace and I love your concepts for World Peace, keep it up Mr. Dalli, I am a Fan…

Dalli,  I love what you are doing for World Peace, as you know I am in Italy, but let me know what I can do to help?  I love my Pendant and my Husband loves his.  I think many people in many Countries will love what you are doing and will love you too. Just give yourself a little time… Your Friend, Jazeera.

My Great Godfather, I love my Pendant and I will wear it all the time. I Love you Lots, “Isla”

Good luck Honey with your Pendant Venture helping the Needy via Hospitals and Charitable Organizations… I wish you the very best… “I love your Heart”…  “J”

Beautiful young Lady wearing Pendant…

Lovely Young Lady wearing the Pendant

A beautiful French young lady with pendant



 Below I am showing the Ladies wearing the Pendant and the Men wearing the Pin of World Peace…

This is the image of the Pendant and/or Pin  measuring approximately 2.25 inches. For a clearer  understanding of the Pendant and pin please Click… HERE

What you are seeing above is my true left hand, I used Photoshop to create the image.

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