• A true Story of a 75 year old youngster… It is meant to inspire… By Dalli.

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    Dear Everyone,

    Thought I would share with you what keeps me going at age 75…

    To stay in good shape, I walk almost 2 hours per Day every day… I walk pretty fast… How fast? If you live in Las Vegas and you know the Streets of Las Vegas, you would appreciate this…  (Actually if I do not stop for Coffee, I complete my walk in 1 and 3/4 of an hour).

    I live on a Street called Tamarus Street situated near Maryland Parkway… This is my Daily routine: From where I live on Tamarus Street, I make a right turn to Harmon, I make a right turn to Maryland, I make a left turn to Tropicana, I make a right turn to Koval, I make a right turn to Flamingo, on Flamingo I make a right turn and head East all the way to Maryland Parkway and Tamarus; on Tamarus I make a right turn and walk a few Yards to where I live. (By the way I walk with an Attitude with my head held high)… In other words with a good posture…

    As to my mental state, what keeps me going are my Dreams…

    One of my Dreams, is “FUNTASEA”  … a long time Dream…

    FUNTASEA has not happened due to lack of money.

    I tried different ways to raise money to develop FUNTASEA, but so far I have not succeeded…


    In 1998 I created FIIFA.com and Dalli.com; the Concept was good, however, even though I gave it my all, (I worked 18 hours per day, 7 days per Week) nothing good occurred… I should not say so, because in the process I did make a few friends…

    A few Years ago I created DalliGold.com and I offered my heart to West African Gold Miners; by that I mean that I offered to help them by conditionally supplying Modern Mining Equipment to them and all they had to do is sell to me the first 25 KGs of Gold my way. (No up-front money). Payment for their Gold would have been within 72 Hours after assay performed at a Refinery in Dubai.

    This did not work either, I had high hopes of making a great deal of money because I truly created a sound Plan to make small scale Gold Miners wealthy and in the Process I would have earned a great deal of money. So far… not one Gold Miner took my offer… Hence… my offer to help small scale Gold Miners will cease come November 30 of this Year.

    Sounds as if I am giving up?

    Not so, on the contrary, I am still Licensed as a Real Estate Broker and I just revised my web site, www.dalli.com which I am rather proud of… I was successful as a Real Estate Broker in California and I am hoping to still succeed in bringing about the development of FUNTASEA…  A Dream that truly keeps me going.

    The difference between the Old Dalli.com and the New Dalli.com,  is that now I will work hard to make Sales instead of relying on others.

    The Photos that you can see at: http://www.dalli.com/n/   I took this morning at approximately 6AM.

    The only time that I realize my age is when I am shaving and seeing my face in the Mirror, otherwise, I still think Young I feel young and I act young… In every way…

    If you have a Dream, no matter your age… go for it…

    Thank you for reading this Presentation.



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  1. Daniel fucetola says:

    Thank God for dreamers like Walt Disney, life would be boring without them.’Dreams do come true

  2. Rachel Reed says:

    You are AWESOME. You just inspired to keep pushing towards my dreams. I really want to see FUNTASEA come to pass. I’ve followed you for years, and feel like I am part of your dream. Let’s get it done!! 🙂

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