A Special Offer For Charitable Organizations Helping People And Or Helping Animals Worldwide

Dear Visitor,

I have an idea/a Proposal to raise money for organizations that help people and Organizations that Care for Animals and at the same time raise money for my World Peace movement using my Invention; The Flag of World Peace “Pendant/Pin”.

By Organizations I mean: Hospitals, Charitable Organizations and Religious Organizations seeking to raise money for the needy/for Humanity. (To help the Needy, Not for Guns and Wars!)

Religious Organizations include the following:

I believe that my Concept is Wonderful because such Organizations would receive money for their needs and I would receive money for my needs and together we would Champion “World Peace”… A truly Win-Win-Win undertaking.

This would be the outcome, Cooperating Organizations would receive money by obtaining donations for the Pendants, I would receive money from the cooperating Organizations and the People that donate would receive a Pendant.

However, the People that donate would receive more than just a Pendant, they would feel good for having donated their money for such wonderful Organizations and at the same time they would feel great wearing the Pendant, showing the World that they are for “WORLD PEACE”.

These Pendants have my name written on the Stem as follows:


My name is not easy to see because the letters are small and painted over the same color as red.

The below-left image is of me wearing a Pendant, the right image is of me wearing the same Pendant, however as a Pin.

Below is an Image of a Pendant/and or Pin and their written meaning. In a sense, I invented a double invention, instead of having a Pendant and a Pin the Pendant could be converted to also be utilized as a Pin on a Jacket Lapel. See the below images for explanation…

Below is an explanation how to transform a Pendant to a Pin when attached to jacket lapel.

Below are images to further clarify how to convert a Pendant to a Pin by simply using a Ring and safety Pin.

Note: I will not supply the above-mentioned ring or the safety Pin.

What I have in mind is for Organizations to advertise these Pendants for donations for let us say as an example $150.00 Dollars for each Pendant; they would receive the money upfront from people that donate money.  The Stated Organizations would then send $50.00 Dollars to me up-front and in turn, I will order the Pendants to be manufactured.  The Pendants would be received by the cooperating Organizations in approximately 30 days.

Note: The suggested donations of $150.00 is just that, a suggestion, the individual Organization may charge less or more, that is up to them, however, I must receive $50.00 for each Pendant and this is not negotiable, being I have to pay the Manufacturer, Pay for transportation from the Factory to me and then to ship the Pendants from me to the Organizations.  (Furthermore my time is worth something?)

To simplify the following, instead of stating the Organization below I will say “You” for better understanding…

I supply the Pendants to You and you ship the Pendants to people that donate money to you

When it comes to Advertising you may be able to obtain the cooperation of the News Media? (Perhaps Free Advertising?) Such advertising is best…

Recently NBC raised One Million Dollars for St. Jude’s Children Hospital by selling/Raffling tickets for one Hundred Dollars each and the Winner won a House valued at over $400,000.00 Dollars; hence you may be able to convince certain TV Stations to help you with the Advertising? Such would make positive Publicity for the TV Stations/Channels.

If the above is of interest, email to me at dalli@dalli.com

I am hoping to hear from you soon.


Aloysius Dalli

Below are my Websites which you may find interesting…


 Below I am showing the Ladies wearing the Pendant and the Men wearing the Pin of World Peace…

 The Pendant and/or Pin measure approximately 2.25 inches in height.