A Better America By Aloysius Dalli

Regarding the above images: In the Center that is me, Aloysius Dalli, the left Image of a burning Book is my expressing of America’s past History that no longer works, the Book on the right hand side is a New Book that needs to be written utilizing Common Sense for a better Loving America…

Dear Visitor,

My name is Aloysius Dalli, I am 82 years of age and I love America and the American People and this is why I wrote this Presentation.

I am a Licensed California Real Estate Broker and an Inventor; see: www.funtasea.com,   www.aquarant.net and www.theflagofworldpeace.com

The following are my concepts/ ideas for a better America.

To begin with I do not understand Politicians or politics… From what I have seen it is nasty/dirty business… (I see much hatred and corruption in Politics)

The United States has three political parties, Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

I think the Present US Government is too large costing Tax payers too much money and nothing gets done for America and the American People… so it seems to me…

Today 1/21/2018 The US Government is Shut Down and The Democrats are blaming the Republicans and the Republicans are blaming the Democrats; they are acting like spoiled Children; the truth be told they do not know what they are doing.

Here we go again, Today’s date is 12/19/2018 President Trump is willing to Shut down the Government unless he gets the OK on $5.7 Billion USD for his Wall! (The 5.7 Billion USD is simply a part payment; no one really knows the entire cost to build this Stupid Wall!) To be honest and blunt this sounds like Blackmail to me…

America needs a New American Government that would be for America and the American people period.

The only thing the present Government knows what to do and does it well is to Spend/waste Tax Payers’ money! This is a known fact, if you doubt me go on Google and Type in “Government Waste” .

I see the present System of Government as a Divider of the American people; case in point during the 2016 Elections approximately 50% Voted for the Republican Party (President Trump)  and 50% for the Democratic Party. (Hillary Clinton)  I think it is time to develop a one Party System for all Americans, i.e., “The American Party”.

Regarding the present Presidential Elections, they have become rather stupid, every four years it is like seeing a Soap Opera. Now Presidents seem to get elected not because of what they would do for America and for the American people if elected but how much money they could spend in advertising trashing their opponents!

The Millions of Dollars they spend in Advertising would be better spent taking care of the needy. (What a waste of money!)

Speaking of Money, I receive daily 10 to 12 Emails from Democrats and Republicans asking for Donations in order to fight each other! I do not get it, do you?

The US Government is supposed to be for the American People; not so and I will prove it here; please keep reading…

The US Government exists thanks to American Tax payers. All politicians earn good wages; so much so that they are not concerned regarding Health care and when they retire they do so with a great Pension thanks to the American people.

In turn the US Government is treating Americans as if they are doing the American people a Favor when it comes to their Health Care and other needs!

The US Government is famous for spending money on foolish things, see: https://commercialobserver.com/2013/10/heres-a-list-of-stupid-things-the-government-spends-money-on/.  Yet the US Government has the nerve to dictate what The Health Care is to be for all Americans?

The American People deserve to have not an Obama Care or a Trump Care, they deserve an American Free Health Care with no Co-Pay and the Health care should include Free complete Dental Care. Seniors in need of Dentures should have free fixed dentures so as to feel comfortable.

Re: The US Military.

The US Government is wasting too much of Tax payers’ money by having its large Military situated all over the World. It would be best if the Military were brought to America to Protect America.

Presently America is seen by many as a Powerful Country wanting to dominate other Countries.


The US is involved in too many Wars costing a great deal of money and the loss of many Lives. These Wars need to Stop for America’s sake. Enough is Enough, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_the_United_States

When will certain American Politicians Learn

One would think that after experiencing World War 2, the US Government would have learned that in Wars no one really Wins, see: http://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/world-war-ii-history

World War 2 lasted 6 Years, the War in Afghanistan has been going on for 16 years and only God knows at what cost! By cost I mean human lives and Tax payers’ money…

Wars Bankrupted America! (I obtained this information via Google) For instance, Neta Crawford, a co-director of the Cost of Wars Project at Brown University, has estimated that total war spending in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan since 2001 is approaching $5 trillion. Of that, roughly $2 trillion is attributable to Afghanistan. That includes some future cost obligations. See: http://money.cnn.com/2017/08/21/news/economy/war-costs-afghanistan/index.html

The Afghanistan War alone

From 2001 to present it Cost US Tax payers approximately $2.4 Trillion USD and 2,103 American Soldiers lost their lives!  For What?

As of 1/14/2018 the U.S. Deficit is at: $20,493,401,574,964 and Growing, see: https://www.concordcoalition.org/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAnOzSBRDGARIsAL-mUB3gPXCHjMkFObI0EJLwPQDB-t2jo3_e9QICz2wNnpnnxPVB_ORzN4oaAscYEALw_wcB#id-13829

My common sense tells me that the entire US Deficit is due to Wars.,.. I repeat Wars Bankrupted America.

While a tremendous amount of US Tax payers money is being spent all over the world America’s infrastructure is deteriorating! See:  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/falling-apart-america-neglected-infrastructure/

I hope and pray that all the Bridges in America are attended to; I do not want to hear of another catastrophe such what occurred on a “New bridge” in Florida:

One More Stupid Thing, The Wall that President Donald Trump wants to build between Mexico and the USA

The US Department of Homeland Security estimates that constructing fences and walls along the entirety of the US-Mexico border would cost $21.6 billion over three years, according to Reuters.

According to me Aloysius Dalli: It would not surprise me if the Wall would cost twice as much after paying for the construction of the Wall, paying the many Land owners in many areas the Wall is to be constructed and unforeseen expenses… “So many positive things I can do with $43.2 Billions”

Dear Reader, do you think it is OK for the US Government to spend such Tax payers’ money on Wars at different Countries and to build a useless wall between Mexico and the USA costing Tax payers more than $21 Billion USD (Possibly double this amount) and at the same time the US Government is dictating the Health care Americans are to have?

I consider myself a Gentlemen, however, I must be Blunt, “The US Government has BIG BALLS”! (Huge unfair impositions on all Americans and Legal Residents) Keep in Mind that the US Government exists due to Americans and legal residents paying Taxes…

Not long ago numerous Countries used to borrow money from the United States, now because of all the Wars America is involved in, the United States has borrowed money from other Countries… I see this as sad, shameful and embarrassing…  (Please keep reading for I offer solutions).

The First Solution that comes to mind: “The News Media”…

I as an individual have no say; however, I believe the News Media could put a Stop to the Government wasteful spending. In some ways the Media is more powerful than the Government; how so? The Media has the capacity to reach most American voters and Americans need to know the truth as to what is happening in America.

President Trump Calls the News Media “Fake News”, it is time for the News Media to tell the American people what the US Government has done to America; the True Story since World War two…

To other Countries America is looking like a Dictatorship! This is not Fake News, it is Bad News!

Food for thought… A Concept towards World Peace…

President Trump wants to construct a WALL between Mexico and the U.S. that would cost Billions of Dollars; I believe that if the U.S. Government were to develop my Concept FUNTASEA/Olympia City in Mexico instead, see: www.funtasea.com;  the money to Develop FUNTASEA would be justifiable considering that FUNTASEA could be the stepping stone to World Peace. How so?

If the U.S. were to develop a FUNTASEA let us say in Mexico for Americans and Mexicans, I believe other Countries would do the same. It seems to me that it is better to spend money to promote World Peace and Sports Competition than to waste money on WARS!

To see another Concept For World peace, please visit: http://earthiseveryoneshome.com/?page_id=157

Are U.S. Politicians Smart?

Most Politicians are educated people, however, I question if they use Common sense? People in America have a saying “If it Works don’t fix it”; hence the opposite must also be true, however, it seems Politicians do not have a clue as to what works! (The U.S. Deficit alone speaks volumes of the U.S. Government)

Re: The dreaded Income Tax and the IRS

The US Government has been taking money (Income Tax) from working people by force via the IRS. It would be best if the US Government would impose a Fair Tax on everything purchased in the USA allowing people the right to spend their money as they wish.

Judge Andrew Napolitano stated that the US Government is stealing money from American Workers; I agree, see: https://www.creators.com/read/judge-napolitano/04/13/taxation-is-theft

I truly believe that if a Fair Tax is imposed and collected similar to State Taxes the US Government would receive much more money by imposing a Fair Tax than they do now via the Income Tax and people would not mind such a Tax. 

I know of no American that likes the IRS…

The best way for the Government to impose the Fair Tax is by initially leaving the Income Tax as is; impose let us say a 2% tax on everything purchased as an experiment; after a year of collecting the Fair Tax, if need be the US Government could then make an adjustment to the Fair Tax, perhaps by increasing the Fair Tax to 3%, 4% or 5% on everything Purchased in order for the Government to receive as much money or more than they presently collect via the Income Tax…  At which time the IRS would no longer be needed… What a relief this would be…

Americans hate the IRS and they would welcome the above mentioned “Fair Tax”.  The beauty of the Fair Tax is that everyone would pay such a tax, even the Rich and foreign visitors. I repeat the “Fair Tax” would be a Tax imposed on everything purchased in America. (It would be a voluntary Tax, not a by force Tax)

Yearly Devastations in America could be minimized via my Concepts…

One hand helping the other and both become winners…. My concepts are easy to understand…

When I see huge Forests being burnt, People dying horrible deaths and homes and businesses destroyed, I get angry and sad, I feel the same way when I see Floods due to Rain, People losing their lives and properties destroyed!

Example, in the Midwest Floods occurs yearly and many people have died due to floods and many homes and businesses destroyed, this is a known fact. Instead of allowing such Water to cause such havoc and misery, large Reservoirs should be constructed and strategically located to capture all of the Rain. Such water could then be pumped to where water is needed. Such water could be used to keep Forests moist and could be utilized to put out small fires before they grow to immense Forest fires. I for one hate to see such images: Please keep reading…

For years I have seen the following stupidity: The US Government has spent Billions of Dollars to put out large Forest Fires by having Air planes drop fire retardant on such fires after the Forests are destroyed instead of spending money to prevent Large Fires… Please keep reading…

In order to save the US Forests and human lives, the US Government should see to it that plenty of water is available near all forests; there should be Video Cameras strategically placed and should have a Program utilizing Drones and Helicopters with Video Cameras to keep an eye on any small Fires before they grow to Huge Fires.

As you know California is Huge and has large Forests and is located by the sea; if need be water to save Forests from fires could be had by the above stated method and if need be by desalination Plants.

As an extra precaution, the Fire Department should have Helicopters fly over Forests constantly to keep an eye on things. I repeat if a small fire is put out quickly that would be that.  Meaning that small fires could be handled quickly, large fires are hard to deal with, very damaging and very costly to put out…

What I have suggested above is expensive, however, such costs are justifiable and make better sense than to spend billions of Dollars putting out Large Fires after thousands or millions of acres are destroyed and people and Animals losing their lives…

For Years, the U.S. Government watched huge Forests destroyed by Fire, then they spend Millions of Dollars to put out fires after the damage is done… Incredible… Who in the world is running the US Government? I see no common sense…

A sad Image and commentary

On 12/13/2017 I saw and heard on TV the following bad news:

The Fire in California destroyed the size of New York and Boston! Unfortunately this is not the End.

If past Presidents starting with President Bill Clinton had seen my Letter expressing ways on how to Stop Floods that cause much damage from heavy rain (Such as what occurs yearly in the Midwest) and keep dry Forests moist and how to stop small fires before they grow to huge devastating infernos perhaps the fires in California would not have occurred.  I stated perhaps because my Concepts have not been tested, however, what if I am right?

Mud Slides that have killed many people in California, USA!

I believe that the Killer Mudslides that occurred in California is due to the Fires that burnt the Forest Trees and many Houses as shown above… Imagine the devastation; a large portion of California the size of New York and Boston destroyed first by Fire and then by Mudslides!

What a shame…

I am not blaming President Bill Clinton because the chances are he never saw my letter addressed to him. Presidents receive many letters from the general public and I doubt if Presidents have the time to read any such letters. This is sad, what if my Concepts are doable, I wrote to President Clinton 18 years ago, much could have been done during such time to prevent Floods and Forest Fires in America…

What is sad is that the US Government spends a great deal of Tax payers’ money foolishly, they do things after the fact; meaning as an example, they spend Millions of Dollars to put out fires after the Forests are destroyed!!! This scenario is seen year after year, hence it is not a question of affordability it is a question of “CARING, COMMON SENSE and GOOD MANAGEMENT”.  What in the World is the US Government doing?

“I truly have no idea what the US Government is doing?”.

The US Government takes Taxes (Income Tax) from Americans by force via the IRS and then they have the nerve to dictate what kind of Health care Americans are to have? Americans have no say on how the US Government spends their money!!! (To be clear, I am referring to Tax Payers’ Money). Does this sound right to you?

I need to express the following two Scenarios in order to make myself understood

First Scenario

As I stated above the US Government spends millions of Dollars to put out Large Forest Fires (After such Fires occur) that destroy Forests, destroy people’s homes, destroy people’s businesses and in the process people have died horrible deaths. This scenario has been happening for many years; year after year.  This is a shameful fact.

Second Scenario

Instead of spending Tax payers money after the fact as I explained above, the US Government should have hired Engineers to do what I suggested above years ago…

You the reader may think that what I suggested above may cost too much money? No question what I suggested would cost a great deal of money, however, in the long run the Second Scenario would be cheaper and makes better sense in the long run and Forests would be saved from Large Fires and People and their belongings would also be saved.

The Forests and people’s lives are more important than money, do you agree?

Please ask yourself, which is better the above mentioned existing “First Scenario” or the “Second Scenario”?

If you agree that what I suggested above makes sense, write to the News Media and to the US Government and send to them the URL of this page; who knows perhaps your message might be heard?


Aloysius Dalli


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