World Peace could be achieved if We

SPEAK UP & BE HEARD; I need your Help…

I created this Web Page for people wanting to see World Peace. Are you such a person?

In your opinion what do you think must be done to achieve World Peace?

Send to me your ideas/your thoughts for World peace via Email and your submission or submissions would be placed here.


Aloysius Dalli



1) Aloysius Dalli World Peace could be achieved if people in Government would truly care for their people.


2) Aloysius Dalli Much would need to be done by all Governments; here is a list that comes to mind:

(A) All Countries that have nuclear weapons need to destroy all such weapons (It is lunacy to have such weapons)

(B) All Countries must mind their own business.

(C) The US Government needs to pull all US Armed Forces situated in other Countries and brought to America                     to  protect America. (Many people see the USA as a dictator!)

(D)  The US Government needs to conduct itself as good as the American people.  Americans are great people,                     the US Government is not.

(E)  Much needs to be done to fix America; this requires a great deal of money, such money could be raised two                    ways:

The US Government must stop wasting money on Wars and other stupid projects.

and instead of having an Income Tax, a Fair Tax should be utilized on all purchases.

You the reader might be wondering what does the above have to do with World Peace? If the American Government would do the above and whatever else is required to Fix America, America would become great again and other Countries would then want to emulate the United States in the same loving way…

Right now, there is no Love towards the US Government, not even by many Americans!!!


3) Rica Flowers Unity of humanity, a true cooperation has an important role in World Peace


4) Hemani Nasar Yes , of course most of the world’s people wanting PEACE , but what about our so called                          powered Allurement politicians , although they talk of Peace , but their intention ??? .


5) Ayman Seif  this great work Mr. Dalli, I hope your voice can be heard sir, we need it for all world.


6)  Aloysius Dalli   What would make American Tax Payers Happy? In my opinion the US Government should stop collecting “Income Tax” by force and  should get rid of the IRS.

The US Government needs Tax Dollars to exist… True, a better way of collecting Taxes is by imposing a “Fair Tax” on everything purchased. The Fair Tax was presented to the US Government and it was not accepted because of the way it was presented. I know of a positive way that the American people would be happier with a Fair Tax instead of the Income Tax.

Here is one reason why Americans would prefer a Fair Tax: The present Income Tax is a Tax that the US Government takes by force from workers, the Fair Tax on everything purchased is a Tax/a fee on Buyers only when they purchase things; this means that Tax payers would control their own money and pay tax only when they buy things. People in the USA would love to be able to control their own money and not have their money Stolen by the US Government via “Income Tax”.

Would the US Government receive sufficient Tax Dollars via the Fair Tax to exist? I believe that via a Fair Tax the US Government would receive more money than the mandatory Income Tax. The Fair Tax must be imposed wisely via a three to five year experimentation. Keep in mind that with a Fair Tax, everyone would pay such a tax on everything purchased even visiting foreigners. (Even everyone in the US Armed Forces stationed in the USA would pay such a Tax on anything they purchase in America)

If and when the US Government imposes a Fair Tax, (The proper way) the US would then be on its way to become a Rich Country again.

I also believe that Americans would be very much relieved if the “IRS” would no longer exist. I think American business people and workers are more afraid of the IRS than ISIS!… (Especially so during the early part of April, during Tax time).


7) Aloysius Dalli   I posted the below on Facebook because I believe that my Humanitarian Concept “FUNTASEA” is an  important undertaking.

If FUNTASEA comes to be it could become part of my Big Dream which is “WORLD PEACE”.

World Peace could only come about when all people Love each other…

If you the visitor/reader would take the time to review my FUNTASEA Presentation, see:  and you find that my Concept FUNTASEA is a good Concept for Humanity and if you know of a way to reach Ms. Ivanka Trump, please forward the below Image and Message to Ivanka.

Also please review my “Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump”   and if it makes sense to you forward the Letter to Ivanka as well.

I am hoping that Ivanka will like what I hope to accomplish and presents my Presentations to her Father for review.

I thank you in advance for your assistance… Sincerely, Aloysius Dalli.

Conditionally FUNTASEA could be an Add-on to the present Social Security benefits without costing the US Government any additional money.

Such a Benefit cannot be offered to all Seniors since Seniors would outnumber by far the accommodations that would be available at FUNTASEA, therefore a wise system would need to be implemented via a Fair Lottery.

In order for Seniors to be accepted in the Lottery, they would need to be good Citizens with a Clean record. (Never arrested for any reason).

What I need from the US Government is not Money but a US Government Guarantee in order for me to borrow the needed money from Lending institutions to develop FUNTASEA.


8)    Aloysius Dalli  World Peace will not come about with just one Idea, I believe that we must do many things for  Humanity in order for World Peace to come to be.

       I created a Web site I called “All Nations Got Talent, this Website:  to show the World that all Nations are blessed with Talent and that we must respect each other; for we are all equal.


9)  Aloysius Dalli   I invented the AQUARANT, see:  to hopefully earn a great deal of money in order to help the Needy…

If people in Government wish for World Peace, their thinking process must change, instead of spending money on Wars that Kill people, Tax payers money should be utilized to save Lives and Forests. Here is one example what the US Government should do…

This below Sad photo is of a Family that lost their home due to Rain/floods. They were lucky that they did not lose their lives! Click on the below Image to see more!

The US Government should create Reservoirs strategically located to receive the Rain that devastates Families and their Homes (This occurs every year in the Midwest) and to have such water pumped where needed. One good example such water could be pumped to save Dry Forests. To keep Forests moist which would help save such Forests from Fires. Such an undertaking would also save the lives of firemen and other people in distress…

I have written to numerous past US Presidents regarding this yearly devastation, however, to no use since they have had their own agendas. It seems that Wars are more important than saving lives in America.

The below image is of a dry Forest and I added a Fire Hydrant to express what should be done by the US Government. Click on the below image to see what I mean!

I truly believe that If Governments worldwide would show Love, Care and Compassion towards their people, then World Peace would be on the Horizon…

10)  Aloysius Dalli  I Love all good people and I Hate Poverty.
How can anyone look at this Child and not feel the same way? I say shame on people that have the power to change things for the better but choose to ignore such poverty….
We cannot expect World Peace when there is such cruelty…

Educating Children worldwide that Love is better than Hate would be a good start towards World Peace…