“The List”

Hello Everyone,

I created this Page on 11/26/2018

I am of the Opinion that all Politicians in Government are for themselves and not for the People they serve.

Governments Glorify WARS, I think all Wars are inhuman and Stupid… in other words, Governments have their own agendas and I have mine.

I truly believe that Countries that are at War their people suffer; why so? Wars are costly in more ways than one… One example the U.S. has a huge deficit due to Wars and the American people do not have a Free Health Care!

Because of the above I have decided to stop working as a Real Estate Broker and utilize  the rest of my life to help the Needy and Planet Earth; both of which are in bad shape.

I am not wealthy, therefore you may ask how are you planning to do such great things for Humanity if you have no money?

I recently invented the Flag of World Peace and The Flag of World Peace “PENDANT”. This Little Pentant measures approximately 2.25 inches, however, it renders a Huge Message to all people regarding World Peace; the Pendant cries out  that we are all Equal in three ways as I have described on the below Image. I am hoping and Praying to do great things with this Pendant.

You will find the “List” of things I am planing for Humanity and Planet Earth on several of my Websites;  things that I wrote years ago and recently:

1) http://www.funtasea.com/

2) http://earthiseveryoneshome.com/

3) http://theflagofworldpeace.com/

To fully understand what I am doing and what I hope to accomplish please click on all the URLs that you see on my Presentations.

I truly wish I had Magical powers to have all people Worldwide wearing the Pendant; yes even Politicians… Perhaps then Wars might STOP? Maybe?

Since I do not have magical powers to do the above, I am hoping to cause many people to own and wear The Pendant by what I have written below…

The following is a synopsis of what I wish to accomplish:

  1. I wish to raise sufficient money to be able to send a large Flag, The Flag of World Peace and a Pendant to every Head of State, also to the Pope and The Head of the U.N. in New York.
  2. I will cooperate with all Children’s Hospitals such as St. Jude’s Children Hospital to raise money utilizing The Flag Of World Peace Pendant.
  3. I will cooperate with all Hospitals that need to raise money. (Hospitals Worldwide)
  4. I will cooperate with all legal Charitable Organizations Worldwide
  5. I will cooperate with all Churches Worldwide if they would wish to raise money via the selling of my “PENDANTS”
  6. I will also cooperate with Animal Hospitals Worldwide in need of money.
  7. I will cooperate with any legal entity situated in any Country that help the needy…
  8. I would love to also Cooperate with “WE.org”

To understand what I mean by “coopearate”, see: http://www.dalli.com/to-all-legal-organizations-that-care-for-people-and-animals/

 I am also hoping to be able to hire qualified Engineers to review my Concepts on how to prevent Large Forest Fires in order to add credibility to my Concepts and then to present their findings to the U.S. Government. I do not want to see another large Forest Fire and I certainly do not want to see anyone die due to such Fires!

To see my Concepts on how such large Forest Fires could be prevented, see: http://www.funtasea.com/?page_id=2108

Should you have any questions regarding any of the above feel free to Email to me at” dalli@dalli.com

I thank you for your time


Aloysius Dalli

For whatever it is worth I also created FUNTASEA a humanitarian Concept, see: www.funtasea.com