My prediction for U S President in 2020

I Champion for World Peace and of course this includes peace in America.

Up-front, I am not American therefore I cannot vote, however, I am making two possible predictions.

For a Lady President: Tulsi Gabbard

For a Gentleman President:  Tom Steyer

Take a good look at both of them, they are good looking, look happy/not mean! Both look Presidential.

Tulsi is gorgeous, (I am 82, so I am licensed to say what I believe)

Tom is a good looking man. (I am straight, so that is all I am going to say about his looks!) Are you smiling?

Now to serious points:

I belive they are both truthful and they both have an honest message that if elected they will be “For the People”

I feel certain they would not object showing their Income Tax, neither have things to hide…

If elected, I beleivethat they are both capable of cleaning house; which needs to be done in favor of America, all the American people and legal residents.

With this in mind I wish to help either Tulsi or Tom; I know of ways for them to receive huge number of votes (Majority of votes) from:

1) Seniors


3) People in the Midwest

4) People in the Military

5) People paying Income Tax

6) People of color

7) Mexican Americans

8) Last but not least, poor people

A personal note to Tulsi and Tom:

Do you wish to win by a huge margin? Write to me at:  and in turn I will tell you how and why you would receive the majority of votes from the above stated numbers 1 to 8.

Also do yourself a favor and be different, do not trash your opponents no matter what they may say about you. (Just stick to your positive message)

I am not a crazy person, I am a caring person. Check me out on Google using my full name: Aloysius Dalli

Even if I do not hear from you, I wish you well because you are both good people.


Aloysius Dalli