The Homeless and Stupid Politics!

Dear Visitor,

I took the below image on 4/10/2017 while out walking which I do daily for exercise. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. I added the red arrow for clarity so as to see the shame of it all. No one should live like this.

Las Vegas is a Rich City yet I see homeless people all over this City and many beg for Food!

This is beyond Sad, I hate to think as to what is going on in poor Countries such as Syria…

See my solution below for needy Americans  under the Photo.

If the US Government would stop Taxing Income Tax to US workers and impose a Fair Tax, (A Federal Fair Tax) on everything people buy, the US Government would receive a great deal of money via such a Tax and then be able to do many things for the needy.

I do not get it, it is OK for the US Government to go to war in Foreign Countries and neglect needy Americans.

Here is a small example of neglect:

The US fired 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian air field
The Cost to replace such Missiles is approximately $1.5 Million each or 59 X $!.5 Million = $ 88.5 Million USD.
Do not get me wrong I feel bad what occurred in Syria, however, Syria is a different Country and before elected, President Donald Trump stated “America First”?
I understand Why President Trump ordered the Strike, however, I do not understand his reasoning as to why the Runway was not included on the strike… What President Trump stated made no sense, he stated the Runways were not included because the Runway could be fixed Quickly? (This is complete nonsense because the Syrian Government is still Killing innocent people including Women and Children since the Runway is still intact).
This is how I see things:
I am against all wars, however, If the US Government wanted to help the innocent Syrian People President Trump should have had an emergency meeting with Congress and obtained the OK to demolish the Airfield Completely; by so doing the Government of Syria would not be able  to have any Airplanes Killing innocent Syrians in any manner.
I give up on most Politicians for they have their own stupid Agendas…
Aloysius Dalli