“Good News”

Dear Loving people,

I created this page for every person on Earth that wishes to share “Good News” with the rest of the World.

Your “Good News” submission would be added under the below Image which I created showing Love and peace.

You will need to give me permission if you would want your name included.


Aloysius Dalli


If you click on the below Image you would be taken to my “All Nations Got Talent” Web site. (Very entertaining and it is free for you and your family to enjoy).

Aloysius Dalli

When I see such beautiful Images it becomes obvious to me that our Creator wanted us to enjoy his gift, (Earth)  live in peace and not harm each other… When will people learn?

Here is an Example of what good news could be…

Aloysius Dalli

I am simply adding a beautiful image I found on Google, if you click on the below Image you would be taken to my FUNTASEA Presentation… My Humanitarian Dream…

Aloysius Dalli

To all Governments please stop the fighting, I love you…

Aloysius Dalli

To All Governments look at the below Image and “THINK”…

Think about World Peace and the positive outcome…