Dear Visitor,

The below is me Aloysius Dalli holding the American Flag and the World Peace Flag, A Flag I invented  see: http://www.funtasea.com/?page_id=2078

Please also read what I wrote below regarding the proposed Investment…

I am seeking an Investor/Businessman capable of creating my Invention, “The Flag of World Peace” and to market same Worldwide. See: http://www.funtasea.com/?page_id=2078

If I were younger I would do this myself, however, next month on the 6th of May 2018  I will be 81.

For my compensation I would be happy with a fair percentage of the Gross income. (Negotiable percentage)

My input is only my Invention, I will not contribute any  money.

Ideally the Investor needs to be wealthy and would feel good promoting/Championing World Peace. In other words I am seeking an Investor that favors World Peace First and Profits second.

Regarding the Flags:

For Hand Held Flags this is not a Problem, I found small Red Poles at Wal-Mart, however, when it comes to the Large Poles I have been unable to locate a Factory that sell Red Poles.

My Invention calls for Red Poles with no exception. Please read my entire presentation to understand why this is so; see:  http://www.funtasea.com/?page_id=2078

The Investor Partner would need to agree to the following:

The Investor must first create 300 Large Flags of World Peace similar in size as those at the United Nations in New York. By size I mean the length of the Poles, however, the Poles must be a bit thinner and Red in Color as I have indicated at: http://www.funtasea.com/?page_id=2078

Once these Flags are created Each Head of State is to receive one at no cost to them. Also one Flag is to be sent to the United Nations in New York at no cost to them; this would need to be included in our Agreement.

The reason for this requirement is to help insure the success of selling the World Peace Flag Worldwide after such a move…

Once this is done, the News Media must be made aware… Hoping for Free Publicity Worldwide…

If you qualify and if interested, I suggest you do a bit of research before contacting me.

I suggest you go on Google to find out how many Flags are made and Sold Yearly. I suggest you start with the American Flag… be prepared to be surprised! (I certainly was).

I am reachable by Email at: dalli@dalli.com

We could later have friendly conversations by phone, however, when it comes to business I prefer to communicate in writing. I save all important Email.

I am hoping to hear from the right person…


Aloysius Dalli





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