For Your Entertainment, Meet Dalli The Pacifier… “A Dream” With A Bit Of Humor…

Dear Reader,

What you are about to read is a Dream I had on 12/27/2018

I am not a professional writer, but I will do my best to be understood. Please keep in mind that what follows is a Dream and as you know dreams are strange, the scenes change left and right, however, often times they seem so real!

I am 81, however, In this dream I appeared to be 45 or so…

My dream starts with a knock on my door, I rushed to open my door and to my surprise two ladies that I know from Face book;  Angela and Amie showed up with a big smile each holding a Box, they both stated Happy New Year this is for you!  I responded “Happy New Year” you came all this way to give me a Present?

Angela responded: yes we came to give you a special present but the present is not from us.  I responded who from? Both Angela and Amie shrugged their shoulders smiling and they stated that there is a letter in one of the boxes that explains everything…

I took the two boxes and both ladies disappeared! Poof, just like that!

I opened one Box and it contained a lot of money, then I opened the second box and it also contained money (Hundred dollar Bills) with a Note..

The Note Read:

Mr. Dalli, I have been following what you are trying to do for World Peace for a long time and I was moved reading about your inventions; The Flag of World Peace and The Flag of World Peace Pendant and your wish to send your pendant and a  Flag to every Head Of State, to The Pope and to The United Nations in New York;  now that you have money your dream will come to be.

I wish you the very best…  I will be in touch via Postal Service… (No name, no signature!)


With a big smile I took the money to my Bank and then I quickly ordered 300 Flags and 300 Pendants from two different Manufacturers in India with instructions to which these items must be delivered along with my letter of explanation that needed to be delivered with each item.

My letter of explanation was very simple, I requested that The Flag of World Peace to be placed next to their Flag and I requested for them to wear the Pendant during the Day as often as possible. I also stated that I would be Happy if they wore the Pendant during each Holiday…

As you know, Dreams are strange; it seemed that approximately a month later I received hundreds of Letters from Heads of State thanking me for the Presents I sent to them; also each Head of State invited me to a Party that it were to be held at The United Nations in New York two Weeks later…

The Day of the Party:

I flew to New York and since I lived in Manhattan years ago I felt comfortable since I had lived only three blocks from the U.N.

The Taxi driver drove me to the entrance and I was greeted by two people as if I were a Celebrity! The two people were President Obama and President Clinton. I extended my hand for a Handshake and both of them decided to give me a friendly hug instead!!!  WOW… I had no Words… as you can imagine…

President Obama looked at me and he said, “I know that you are surprised, however, be prepared for many more surprises”. President Clinton with a smile stated to me “This is your Day” as you will soon see…

By the way I noticed that both Presidents were wearing my invention; The Flag of World Peace Pendant!  My heart was pounding seeing these two Presidents and not knowing what to expect!

With a huge smile President Obama stated lets go in and face the music!

The moment we walked in everyone in the room started clapping and everyone seemed happy to see me except one person!  ( I will tell you who that person is later).  I kept hearing “Congratulations”  over and again by many people; people I did not know…  At this point I had no idea as to why people were clapping and why I was being congratulated?

President Clinton said to me, I am going to make you feel comfortable very quickly and he left heading to the Podium, he clicked on the Mike to make certain it was on and he proceeded to speak.

He started out by introducing me as “Mr. Dalli” and he stated you all know why we are all here except for Mr. Dalli.  With that statement there was a loud roar mixed with laughter…

Then President Clinton looked at me and stated, Mr. Dalli what you do not know is that everyone here voted for you to become “The International Pacifier” except for one, he simply did not vote; no Problem you are the very first such person to be nominated by the majority of Heads of State such an Honorable distinguished Title!

President Bill Clinton continued on with a smile and stated, Mr. Dalli do you know what this Title means? Probably not, it means that we, most of us  think so highly of you as an honest person with a real gift of Common sense, an innovator with true  love for Humanity that all/most Heads of State agreed that You Mr. Dalli… deserve the title of  “The International Pacifier” .

President Obama interrupted in a friendly manner and he said, Mr. Dalli, look around do you see something familiar to you? The second he finished with his comment everyone lifted The Flag of World Peace Pendant off their chest  I had sent to them; needless to say, I was moved and tears flowed from my eyes..

A Lady came over and wiped my Tears, this Lady was Angelina Jolie! When she wiped my Tears she said you will be OK I am going to assist you… I had no idea what she meant since I had no idea what my new Title entailed?

President Clinton stated, we all know that you are not a Politician and not familiar with the workings of Government, but you need to know that we are familiar with what you wish done here on Planet Earth.

We politicians do not know what you know, if we did we would have done so.

If you accept the Title that we have bestowed upon you, we, all of us would communicate with you to ask your opinion on major things before we go forth with any of our projects.

You Mr. Dalli would also have the right to communicate with us to express anything you see as wrong wanting to correct whatever such may be…

Mr. Dalli, If you accept our offer, what would be the first thing you would say to us?

With no hesitation I stated: “All Wars must Stop”… As soon as I stated so the room got very quiet and then all of a sudden People started clapping and screaming in Approval.

Again President Obama interrupted in a friendly manner and he stated what do you suggest all countries do with their Weapons?

I responded all Weapons need to be destroyed and replaced with Anti Weapons and such Anti Weapons should be had by all Countries so as to feel safe against any crazy people…

Again the room got extremely quiet and then followed with an explosion of Clapping and Screaming. President Obama smiled and addressed the entire Room and stated; well it appears you agree with what Mr. Dalli just stated? Again the Clapping got louder with approval.

President Clinton stated to me, what do you think thus far, do you want in? Will you accept our offer?

By the way you will not be paid by us for your Service, not a penny; however, your Benefactor will pay you generously.  We do not know who your Benefactor is but he must be very rich because he has promised to send money to you monthly in order for you to live comfortably.

Where would you like to live? Your Benefactor will buy a House for you anywhere you wish.  All of us wanted to pay you for your service; however, your Benefactor insisted that he would take care of all your needs because he did not want us to influence you in any manner. He stated he wants to make sure you stay neutral and with a clear mind. In other words he does not want you to change in any way.

President Obama spoke up again and he stated to me, Mr. Dalli, do you know Angelina Jolie? I responded, I have seen her Movies… He smiled and he said guess what, she wants to help you, she knows a thing or two when it comes to Politics and Government! I looked around and when I saw her she lifted her glass she was holding as if to say, “Yes it is true”…

President Bill Clinton spoke up and he asked me, Mr. Dalli this Party has been arranged in your Honor  are you going to accept our offer?

I requested a Microphone and one was handed to me; then I stated your offer sounds wonderful, however, this is a huge undertaking and there is no way I could do what you wish done just by me and Angelina  Jolie… No way…

With that President Clinton responded, Your benefactor stated you may hire as many people you will need and not be concerned with cost…  If for any reason your benefactor stops sending money to you for all your expenses, we would take care of such responsibility.  We will make certain that money would never be of concern to you…  Mr. Dalli are you going to accept this New Position especially created just for you?  Please say yes and lets enjoy this Party, everyone wants to meet you and greet you… Well?

With that I stated “YES I accept”…

President Obama lifted his Glass and addressed everyone in the Room, let’s Drink to Mr. Dalli The International Pacifier.   Mr. Dalli shall be addressed respectfully as Mr. Pacifier… Mr.  Pacifier, Have Fun enjoy your Party…

Angelina Jolie came by me and stated congratulations Mr. Pacifier… and in turn I stated thank you Ms. Jolie and she smiled and stated I am starved, I will be back soon.. and she left…

You will not believe who came to meet me? President Trump!  He looked at me and stated I am President Trump Mr. Pacifier and  I take no orders from anyone… I responded that my Duty will be to Pacify and not to order anyone… He responded, I heard that you do not like The Wall I want to have built between Mexico and the USA? I responded this is true, however, I heard that you have a better solution a better idea that would cost a fraction of the Cost of the Wall and be more effective… with that he smiled and he said this is true I do have a better idea, however, I do not want to disappoint the people that voted for me…  I interrupted him and I stated to him: If you Tweet and tell everyone that an idea came to you better than the Wall that is less costly and the Democrats would approve, you would look like a Hero to all Republicans… President Trump looked straight at me and stated Mr. Pacifier, I may do just that and he left… then he came back and he stated I did not vote for you…  But I think you are OK and he did his thing with his  “Thumbs up” and a big smile…

My phone rang and I woke up just when things got interesting…  I wonder if my Dream, this Dream will continue on tonight or any other night?

As to the person that woke me up. It was my Beautiful friend Jazeera from Italy… She forgot our time difference….

If my Dream continues on, I will add it on, on this page…   Wow, what a Dream… If this dream continues I hope it will include other beautiful Ladies besides Angelina Jolie…

The People in my Dream:

President Bill Clinton

President Obama

My Friend Angela Chan

My friend Amie Bonilla

President Trump

My Friend Jazeera