Education = World Peace

My Concept for World Peace is using logic.

This is only a synopsis: If Children are thought in Schools the “Wonder” of People’s Body, (All the body functions in detail) when they grow up they would want to protect people not kill people… Like we protect Natural Wonders and Man-made Wonders.

It is a fact that Humans are more of a Wonder then all other Wonders combined and must be respected and protected accordingly…

To see my written presentation in this regard see:   When the page opens, scroll a bit and when you see the below Images you would then know that you are on the right page…  My written Presentation is under the stated Images of Human Anatomy…

If you have a better idea for World Peace, Email it to me and if it makes sense I will place your Concept here with your name if you so wish.


Aloysius Dalli




My Concept for World Peace needs to be started while Children are very young…