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Dear Visitor,

This Web page is about an Adult Exercize Book I am working on which I named PRISM.

The text portion is done, now I am seeking Beautiful Ladies with a toned body to pose as Models doing the many different Exercizes. Please scroll to see additional information.

If you are a professional Model, a professional Dancer, a professional Show Girl, a professional Stripper, a professional Masseuse, a professional Escort, professional Entertainer please read this presentation carefully…

You may get free advertising/publicity via my PRISM Book if you qualify.

Your participation:

Example:  I will show you a picture of a girl doing an exercise and you pose/copy the same exercise.

We could do so via Email or you are welcomed to come to me in Las Vegas and I will take your photos free of charge. (For your comfort feel free to bring along a parent or an adult friend).

The PRISM Exercises utilizing the Pocket Exerciser Band need to be done at my place, instructed by me and photographed by me. The manufacturer of the Band is TheraBand; see the information below.

Your photos may be added to my book only if approved by you and me. 

Please read on for further clarification and to see how you could receive Free Publicity for yourself. (Below I show an example of how your personal information could be added above or below each of your accepted photos).

For credibility, see letter given to me by a prominent medical Doctor and Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Julio Garcia back in 1994.

The Book:

As to the new Adult Exercise book “PRISM” (Progressive Resistance In Slow Motion), I wrote my book years ago (Around 1991) but never published it. I am now redoing this book with a New Concept and when completed will be published via

I repeat this new book is an Adult Exercise Book, however, it is more than that. (Please get Porn out of your mind!)

When completed the PRISM Book will consist of the following 3 things:

1) An Exercise Book like no other. (Virtually painless exercises for toning the entire body)

2) Exercises performed by beautifully toned Women, “Works of Art”. (There is nothing more beautiful than Women in good shape)

3) The PRISM book will be like the Telephone “Yellow Pages”, except the advertising for the ladies will be FREE.

I repeat my PRISM book will be like the “Yellow Pages” (Phone book) for beautiful Ladies with toned bodies wanting to publicize themselves and their profession! I am referring to professional Models, professional Dancers, professional Show Girls, professional Strippers, professional Masseuses, professional Escorts, and professional Entertainers.

As you know advertising in the Yellow pages, Magazines, Newspapers, etc., is expensive and generally localized, advertising in my book is FREE and my book will be sold Internationally via!

Regarding your photos; such could be handled two ways:

A) If you are interested but you prefer to have someone else to photograph you, no problem Email to me, let me know, and in turn I will send to you photos of Ladies exercising and you could duplicate the exercises in the nude or topless wearing a String Bikini bottom and then send your photos to me to be placed in my book. Such photos would be of you Stretching and appearing to do Isometrics. (When it comes to exercises utilizing the Pocket Exerciser Band, all such photos must be taken by me at my place).

Here is an example of such an exercise utilizing the Pocket Exerciser Band/ Thereband:

Step 1                                        Step 2

Note: All exercises done with the Pocket Exerciser/ the “TheraBand” which is made of soft rubber must be done indoors, the reason being the Sun would dry up your Band rather quickly and the Band would snap in two in no time!

I do not sell the Exercise Bands, you would need to buy your own Band/s from Thera Band:

To purchase any type of  TheraBand contact TheraBand directly at:


1245 Home Ave. | Akron, OH 44310

Phone: 330.633.8460

Phone: 1.800.321.2135

I love the product but I am not associated with TheraBand in any manner.

When you buy the TheraBand, I suggest you spray a film of baby powder on both sides of the Band, by so doing the Band will last longer and it will not stick when you roll it and then unroll it. Here is a photo of a TheraBand (The Pocket Exerciser Band) with a film of baby powder:

The actual color of this Band is blue, it looks different because of the added film of baby powder.

B) If comfortable, you could visit me where I live on Tamarus Street in Las Vegas, and I would take your nude photos or topless exercising for free. Actually, this would be best to ensure the quality of the photos. All photos taken by me will be beautiful, and classy showing all the Ladies in an Art form. Your photos must be approved by you before placed in my book, however, I have the right to the final say. (No porn allowed) If you choose to come to me to be photographed, feel free to bring along a parent or an adult friend.

I do not wish to have any problems with the Law, therefore you must be 18 to participate and prove it to me and if 17, I must have  written consent by your parent/s.

I would appreciate it if you would take the time and read this entire presentation carefully in order not to have any misunderstandings.

I have stated clearly that the exercises must be done in the nudeor topless.

If you come to me I would take your photos as follows:

(Here is an example of your information to be).

Your information: This is just an example for you to see what I am proposing.

Above or under each of your photos I would include the information you would want added; example:

My name is Lucy Lee, I am a professional Model and my Email is:

Your real name and your information would be placed above or under each of your photos as you wish to be publicized. (You have the right to include your information, or not).

Here is a stretching exercise sample.

(Here is one photo doing Isometrics (Example).

(Two photos are required when doing PRISM exercise utilizing my Pocket Exerciser Band example only,

(The below examples will need to be done nude or topless, wearing a string bikini bottoms and photographed/artistically)

Step 1                                                     Step 2

I created many exercises utilizing the Pocket Exerciser Band, and all exercises must be done indoors if you want your Band to last. (If you use your Band Outdoors, the Sun would dry-up your Band causing it to snap in two rather quickly).

(Two photos are required when utilizing my Salsa Swing Stick.   (Like a broom Stick)  (1) Swinging left and (2) Swinging right; great to flatten tummy and Love Handles… No photo of this exercise is available as of yet.

(1 Optional photo) Beautiful Women with clothes on appearing as if walking fast as part of their exercise.

The below photo is of me walking which I created just for fun using Photoshop; I am holding my invention the Flag of World Peace. See:

If you are interested and want me to place your photos in my Adult Exercise PRISM book, you will need to send an email to me at and your phone number to arrange a time convenient for both of us to talk.

Please respond only if l you qualify. (Must have a beautifully toned body, not like a bodybuilder)

The time required will depend on how many photos we will do of you.

Each photo will be transferred to my Computer in order for me to make adjustments if required and your approval of each photo.

If you wish to participate in order to receive free Advertising let me know via email.

Feel free to share my offer with other Ladies that qualify.

Here are a few examples showing Beautiful Women in nude Artistic form.

I see the above nude image as perfection…

I see the above topless lady wearing a string bikini bottom as perfection as well…

The above Woman is simply WOW! A Wonder Of Wonders!

 This is me, Aloysius Dalli I am 82 and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada near Flamingo and Tamarus Street.

To see information about me see and type in my full name: Aloysius Dalli.

Thus far I wrote two books and both are published at

One book is called “A world Peace Concept” by Dalli, see:

The second book is called: “Dalli The Advancer” by “Illad” (Illad is my last name Dalli spelled backward), see:

If you are a professional Model, a professional Dancer, a professional Show Girl, a professional Stripper, a professional Masseuse, a professional Escort, professional Entertainer; please let me know if you wish to be included in my PRISM Exercise book.

Here is a Free Tip on how to have toned Arms via Isometrics.

When I heat my coffee using my Microwave, while waiting for my coffee to be properly heated, I place my two-fisted hands on the Counter and I push down hard and release, I do so a hundred times every other day. The below photo shows only my left hand because I used my other hand to take the photo using my Cell phone:

You can also do the same exercise after you brush your teeth, by placing both your fisted-hands on the counter and do what I stated above to keep your arms well-toned and firm.

Don’t be shy Email to me at dalli@dalli if you are truly interested in my offer.

I wish you well.


Aloysius Dalli


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Via my  Prism,  meaning Progressive Resistance In Slow Motion, you will be able to do many exercises usually performed with expensive equipment such as the above Nautilus Equipment and or weights.