Will You Wear The Flag Of World Peace Pendant?

Dear Visitor,

According to this statistics via Google, the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. (5 Billion With a “B”!!!!!)

I would love to see more than 5 Billion people wearing The Flag of World Peace Pendant… 

The Pendants Worldwide…

(For simplicity I am hereon going to refer to The Flag of World Peace Pendant as  “My Pendant” as well)

The above mentioned number more than 5 Billion Pendants to be worn by people could be accomplished if the same people that own a Cell phone would Donate to Charitable Organizations that would offer my Pendant for Donations.

Unlike Cell Phones, having to pay for the Cell phone and pay for monthly service, the Pendant would be a onetime investment towards World Peace…

Please read the following with an open mind.

As you know People of different Religions wear with pride and respect their different religious Pendants. I feel certain that combined more than 5 Billion Religious Pendants are presently worn by people of different faith.

The Flag of World Peace Pendant is not in competition with any Religion since my Pendant is not a Religious Pendant, therefore all people Worldwide could wear my Pendant without offending anyone; as a matter of fact if all people were to wear my Pendant along with their Religious Pendant, I am of the opinion that people that wear my Pendant and People that see my Pendant worn would feel closer to each other because my Pendant will deliver three  messages,   “World Peace”… “Equality” and “Love of Humanity”.

All Good People want World Peace… No matter their faith…

This is my Wish:

Instead of my selling what I invented; The Flag of World Peace Pendant to people via Jewelry Stores or  On Line as an example, I wish and prefer to see many Organizations that help the Needy offer my Pendant for Donations…

By so doing Hospitals and Organizations that need Donations would receive money for their needs, the Needy would be helped by such Organizations and many more people would be wearing my Pendant, “The Flag of World Peace Pendant” quicker.

There are many Hospitals and Organizations Worldwide in need of money, therefore I believe that if they were to cooperate with me and offer The Flag of World Peace Pendant for Donations many more people would be helped.

We cannot count on Governments to help the needy for they have their own agendas, (One of which is Wars) We the people must take action to help our Brothers and Sisters from being Homeless or Dying because they do not have Clean Water to drink and Food to eat!  This is inhuman and beyond shameful…

In a sense by wanting all people that are against Wars to wear my Pendant, I am in fact attempting a friendly Revolution against all Governments that favor Wars. (We need to be Stronger in numbers)

I am hoping that my Movement becomes my Legacy…

I welcome any comments regarding this Presentation…


Aloysius Dalli (Inventor)


1) http://www.funtasea.com/

2) http://earthiseveryoneshome.com/

3) http://theflagofworldpeace.com/