An Open Letter to the Leaders of ISIS and Al Qaeda


To all ISIS and Al-Qaeda Leaders,

My name is Aloysius Dalli, I was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1937. I am 80 years old and presently live in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA…

I am not special and I am not a politician, if you want to know about me visit and type in my full name, Aloysius Dalli.

I am against all Wars and against all Killings.

I am for World Peace…

I have no idea why you choose to Kill and be killed?

You must know in life that everything has two sides, a Positive and a Negative and I choose the Positive.

You on the other hand have chosen the Negative by Killing people and in the process your people get killed as well…

Why? What do you gain by such actions, what is the motive?

Take a good look at the above Photo, it is a photo that I took myself of Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas; instead of wasting your money to Kill and destroy other people’s properties, why not utilize your money and effort to build a beautiful place for your people similar or better than what you see above.

Think about this, you would be creating many jobs for your people and would have a Peaceful Loving Life.

Instead of shooting your weapons to Kill people you do not even know, why not “Talk/Communicate” with the rest of the World instead? Express yourselves with Words not bullets!

I honestly wish I knew why your hatred of certain people is so deep, because if I knew I would be able to express myself more intelligently.

I have a Proposal for all of you; Al Qaeda and ISIS.

If you stop the Fighting/The Killing and you utilize your money to buy Land for your people and start building Homes and Businesses and Hotels, etc… I in turn would do something positive for you.

I do not have money to give to you, however, I have an Invention I call “AQUARANT” which has value…

If you Promise the World that you will Stop hurting/killing people immediately, I would in turn give to you the rights to build the AQUARANT on your Land Free of charge.

Just so you know my invention AQUARANT has not been developed anywhere at this time, see:

I am aware that certain people will laugh at my gesture/will laugh at me that is OK; I would rather face ridicule than seeing innocent people getting killed for no apparent reasons?

Should you accept my offer, I would be delighted to receive an Email of your acceptance and would love to see you on TV expressing your desire to live in peace with the rest of the World.

I would love to see all Heads of State inviting you at the UN to discuss solutions to your needs, however, I doubt if they would do so because they may consider such an invitation as a weakness on their part.

I suggest you make the request for such a Meeting via the News Media.

I am praying and hoping that you will think about what I have stated and choose a different road to ever lasting peace.


Aloysius Dalli