About My Inventions

    This is me, Aloysius Dalli

The below is an image of my first invention,

Inflatable toy simulating space station and ship

See:   https://patents.google.com/patent/US3605329A/en

I invented the above in place of Kites to save children from getting hurt running.

My second invention is “AQUARANT” See. www.aquarant.net.

I invented the AQUARANT for large Hotels in need of better occupancy. If developed the AQUARANT would be FUN and Entertaining…

I invented the above for Large Hotels in need of an Attraction to improve their occupancy…

The AQUARANT could also be developed on Land surrounded with a doughnut shaped Swimming pool.  It would be a great addition in Las Vegas.

My third invention/Concept is FUNTASEA, see: www.funtasea.com.   Below is another image I created to depict FUNTASEA.

FUNTASEA is a Huge Project, I wish all Countries would develop FUNTASEA for their people.

I invented FUNTASEAfor Humanity…

The below is my fourth Invention and it was meant for people that needed to relocate and be able to move their own furniture and belongings. I meant it as a Vehicle to be rented;  I named it Transport A Cruise

The below is my fifth Invention/ Concept on how World Peace could come about, see: http://www.dalli.com/education-world-peace/

The below is my 6th invention, it is The Flag of World Peace, see: www.theflagofworldpeace.com The below image is of my left hand holding the Flag of World Peace. It is the Small Flag of World Peace/Hand Held type.

The below is my 7th invention part of my Jewelry Inventions of The Flag of World Peace, it is The Pendant that could also be worn as a Pin. See: www.dalli.com 

I publishemy first book on Amazon named “A world Peace Concept”, Author Dalli

See: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=a+world+peace+concept+by+dalli&crid=3TFTM6XHZN82G&sprefix=a+world+peace+concept%2Caps%2C177&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_2_21

I published my second book on Amazon named “Dalli The Advancer” Author “Illad Pace”. (My name Dalli spelled backward and Pace means “Peace” in Italian) About love and peace. See: https://www.amazon.com/dp/108160140X?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860

I am presently working on a new Exercise Book which I will soon publish, it will include Stretching exercises, Isometrics and Exercises using an Elastic Band

I am very proud of my Inventions/Concepts and books because I created them out of Love of Humanity.


Aloysius Dalli


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